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Since 1970, the Boosters have been providing funds to different student programs at Oak Park and River Forest High School. The Booster Club funds items that enhance student life, are of lasting value that will benefit a large number of students, or assist student groups unable to access other funding sources. Appropriation requests come from sponsors of various areas throughout the school, including academic divisions, activities sponsors, arts directors, and the athletic department.  Unlike many Booster clubs in the area that solely focus on athletics, The Huskie BoosterClub equally distributes the budgeted amount across the four A’s - arts, activities, academics and athletics. The 2023/24 budget allows $40,000 in appropriations for things like science equipment, speciality lights for theater and heart rate monitors for phys ed classes. In addition, to celebrate the 150th year of OPRFHS, the Boosters donated $50,000 towards the Mosaic Project that features the work of renowned artist and OPRFHS teacher Tracy VanDunien and mural artist Carolyn Elaine.  The project was assembled by OPRFHS students and alumni through the support of the Oak Park Area Art Council.

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2022/23 appropriated items include:

From AP Enviro Hydroponics Lab:We had a great time growing basil, lettuce, and cilantro and the harvest was bountiful! We also couldn’t have done it without the support of our Huskie Booster Club who generously donated funds to help us buy a new electrical conductivity probe when our old one stopped working. The students used that probe and others to monitor and adjust the water quality of the systems to ensure our plants had ideal conditions to flourish into delicious crops. Thank you Boosters! - Kelsey Kaiser

Special Olympics Tent

Special Education TEAM Tower Garden