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Parents raising funds for the extras at OPRFHS


For donations in memory of Craig Montgomery, please click the link below:


Click here to read his obituary in the Wednesday Journal.


Legacy Bricks


Congratulations to  Bob Wozniak and Vic Vanek on your volunteer of the month honors

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The Huskie Booster Club is proud to celebrate 150 years of OPRFHS.  The Boosters are a volunteer parent organization that raises funds to celebrate and support educational, social, athletic, and extracurricular activities at OPRFHS.

We’ve been doing it for over 50 years.

The 4 A’s - Academics, Activities, Arts and Athletics - are all under the umbrella of the Booster’s appropriation to deliver the "nice to have" equipment and tools that will enhance our students educational and extra-curricular experience.

Through Booster Pass sales, donations, fundraisers and spirit wear, the Boosters were able to appropriate over $40,000 in 2022/23 and will do it again in 2023/24.  In addition, the Boosters donated $50,000 to the Mosaic Project that will be installed in 2023 to celebrate the sesquicentennial of our high school.

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  • Podcasting station
  • Euphoniums for Band
  • TEAM games
  • Heart rate monitors for physical education
  • R.A.D suit for self-defense class
  • Hydroponics meter
  • Poms for Drill team
  • Lion costume for world languages
  • Tower garden for special education
  • Volleyball machine
  • Basketball shooter machine
  • Proofing machine

Whether you have just one hour to spare or are able to volunteer for a bigger time commitment, we have something for everyone.  Click here to sign up, or email

One and Done
Looking at just helping out when you can? Assistance with merchandise sales is a big help!  Meet all the cool parents that are looking at getting their Huskie gear on.  Sales occur during football games, select basketball games and some arts events.


Parent Liaison
Get a little more involved by coming out to our monthly meetings.  Be the communication between your student's organization and us.

Want to be part of us?  Join a committee!  We need help with website design, communications, sales, event planning, etc...

The ultimate commitment. Be a part of the voting community.  We are looking to fill the positions of communication and marketing for next year.