OPRF Huskie Booster Club

Enthusiastically LIFTING UP all areas of OPRF since 1970


Each year the Huskie Booster Club provides funds to different student programs at Oak Park and River Forest High School as part of its annual appropriations of monies raised through parent fundraising efforts. The Huskie Booster Club funds items which enhance student life, are of lasting value that will benefit large number of students or assist student groups unable to access other funding sources. Booster funding is not intended to fund items of life-safety, core curriculum or other items more appropriately covered in the school budget or student fees. Appropriation requests come from sponsors of various areas throughout the school, including academic divisions, activities sponsors, arts directors and the athletic department. All requests are reviewed and approved by the school administration.

This year we appropriated over $16,000 that was distributed evenly throughout the academic, art, activity and athletic areas of the school.  Some highlights include a 3D printer for the physics department, LED lights for Studio 200, sideline tables for injured athletes and a rice cooker and microwave for the Japanese Club.  We hope that you will continue the 50 year tradition of the Boosters and join us to help the students!

Girls Golf team received funds for rangefinders to heighten their game.